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At Home Product Reviews

Seal os Approval Kidoodle.TV
We really liked that this is a program built for kids that parents will love! Kidoodle.TV has robust parental controls with the ability to customize available programming for up to five kids per household and set individual viewing time limits. With thousands of hours of commercial free kids entertainment and educational programming, Kidoodle.TV is available with a 14 day FREE trial period and then only $4.99 per month. Kidoodle.TV is available on iOS, Android and PC and Mac computers.Now through May 30th, 2014 our moms will receive a special promotion of savings by following the Kidoodle.TV link below!

Try Kidoodle.TV for free. Age appropriate shows for your kids.

Seal os Approval Purex Laundry Detergent
Purex has introduced a new formula that claims to work as well in cold water as well as warm and hot water. We took it to the test and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. Purex used in cold water did a great job on our kids dirty clothes! Not only did our clothes come out smelling great and looking clean, we also saved money! Not only is Purex half the cost of the competition, but, according to the folks at Purex, washing in cold water saves you about 17 cents per load.
Purex laundry detergent gets an At Home Seal of Approval for making an affordable detergent that WORKS!

Seal os Approval Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
This isn’t the calculator we grew up with! Texas Instruments has introduced a new graphing calculor that helps engage students in math and science. It has 30 preloaded software applications and enough memory to hold up to 94 applications. It has a built in USB port and is permitted for use on many standadized tests like the SAT and ACT. Students who own their own graphing tehnology are more likely to explore concepts and practice on their own time, which fosters deeper understanding. Helping students learn mathmatical concepts from a visual perspective, t he TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is the most impressive calculator we’ve seen. At Home gives the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition a thumbs up for both students who struggle with advanced math or those who excel! Texas

Seal os Approval Harmonic Vision’s Music Ace Deluxe
We are really excited about this new software program! Harmonic Vision’s Music Ace Deluxe is an extraordinary home based software program that teaches kids the basics of music at home.
We like this program because it is self paced, fun, engaging, and educational.
Maestro Max, a lively, animated guide, takes the student through a series of music lessons. There isn’t a dull moment and your child will feel challenged and rewarded for completing each lesson. We highly recommend Music Ace Deluxe! We also like the amazing value….under $50! or you can buy it directly from PC Mallfor $45.99 (800.555.MALL)

Seal os Approval Capri Sun Sport Drink by Kraft Foods
Capri Sun has introduced it’s first sports drink in a pouch that is designed for kids. Capri Sun Sport with electrolytes helps to quench thirst and tastes great…not to sweet.Our kids loved it and we did too! It’s easy to pack and priced well at $2.99 for a 10 pack box. Look for Capri Sun Sport in your local grocery store or visit the Capri Sun website at

Seal os Approval Wilson SOG (Slip-On Glove) and A3000 Baseball Glove
Wilson scores a home run for creating two amazing ball gloves. The SOG glove is a great glove for kids since it comfortably forms to a child’s small hand and allows for easier catching. The A3000 is Wilson’s top-of-the line glove. Parents, coaches and professionals are proudly using this glove as it’s the Official Ball Glove of Major League Baseball. We took the gloves to the local parks to have parents and kids try them. Everyone wanted to know where they could get these gloves!

Seal os Approval “Sweet Dreams” by Vickilew
My 4 year old daughter has always had a problem winding down at night. Getting her to sleep was no easy task. I had been looking for the ultimate sleep aid and now I’ve found it! The Sweet Dreams CD not only relaxed my daughter, but it helped ME wind down and fall asleep. The Sweet Dreams CD provides soothing music and positive, happy, imaginative imagery that relaxes both the body and the mind. My daughter asks for the Sweet Dreams CD every night. And, we are happy to oblige! The Sweet Dreams CD is available for $12.99 at

Seal os Approval Kellogg’s Pop-tarts Snak-Stix, Frosted Cookies & Creme
We tried the “Cookies & Creme” variety Snak-Stix and loved the delicious chocolate taste. Although Pop-tarts Snak-Stix may have more vitamins and minerals than most cookies, they are definitely the messier alternative. The Snak-Stix leave a trail a crumbs, albeit tasty crumbs. This is a better snack for older kids…and even adults.


Seal os Approval Black Pearl Botanicals
Attention all Moms who need to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated! I have found the most amazing product line that will leave you feelingindulged and pampered. Black Pearl Botanicals is one of the most impressivelines of home spa products I have ever had the pleasure of using. These products are 100% natural and their scents are fresh and soothing. My favorite products are the rejuvenation body scrub, vanilla bean lip creme (yummy), recovery foot soak and the indulgence spa crystals. Treat yourself! You deserve it! Black Pearl Botanicals sells generous sized samples for $1.00- $5.00. And starting at only $28.00 you can give an amazing gift set or basket to someone you love. Check out Black Pearl Botanicals.


Seal os Approval Beecher Bear, By Sherry Baldwin
Reading to your children is one of the many joys in life. “Beecher Bear Plays Here and There”, by Sherry Baldwin, takes you through the day and night of a bear who only wants to play. The story is darling and the illustrations are wonderful. “Beecher Bear Plays Here and There” gets an enthusiastic Seal of Approval. For ordering information check out the Beecher Bear website!


Seal os Approval TDS Direct
Are you looking for natural, quality skin care products and cosmetics that will fit into your budget? offers a wide array of cleansers, masques, toners, moisturizers, special skin care items, foundations, and lipsticks. I was impressed with the beauty scrub and the masques which left my face feeling amazingly soft. I also recommend the Vitamin E cream which smells particularly good and feels like silk on your skin. TDS is renowned all over North America for the fine quality and consistence of their foundations. This product is very good and provides excellent coverage without that feeling you are wearing a heavy makeup. This product is a value at $7.50 per bottle. Oh, and did I mention that shipping is FREE? gets a Athomemoms Seal of Approval for quality products at an affordable price.


Seal os Approval The Kids Stuff Books
Have you ever thought about exposing your child to another language, but you weren’t sure how to approach it? Therese Slevin Pirz has authored The Kids Stuff books which are available in French, Spanish, German and Italian! Each book contains over 1,000 phrases and sentences with the pronunciations. What is so great about these books is that they present everyday phrases that parents use to speak to their children such as “Daddy has gone to work” and “Did you make your bed?”. The time to introduce your children to a foreign language is in their formative years, long before they reach school-age. Give your child the advantage of learning a foreign language today! Athomemoms gives a glowing seal of approval to The Kids Stuff books. Check them out at!

Seal os Approval Medela Classic Breast Pump
Forget the manual pumps! The Medela Breast Pump is the most powerful pump on the market. In less than 20 minutes you can pump out 2 feedings with no discomfort. It may be more expensive than it’s competitors, but it’s worth it. Who has the time to spend an hour pumping? And who really wants to?

Seal os Approval Noah’s Ark Gymini
The Noah’s Ark Gymini by The Maya Group is an innovative, entertaining, and stimulating activity for babies 0-12 months. The soft arches over baby’s head attaches to a soft, colorful mat, and hangs five different, exciting animals, each incorporating its own unique intrigue. The soft mat has its own activites for baby to explore. This is fabulous activity center that gets baby to interact with colorful, friendly creatures. Be prepared for lots of giggles and smiles! You can find the Noah’s Ark Gymini at E-Toys right here in the At Home Moms Plaza!

Seal os Approval Diaper Genie
An At Home Mom’s Seal of Approval goes to one of the greatest inventions to come into my home since the computer. The Diaper Genie is the easiest diaper disposal system I have ever seen. I simply put the dirty diaper in the mouth of the genie and twist. It’s that easy. When the diaper genie is full, you simply twist the plastic bag cutter on the top of the lid and tie the bag in a knot. A sausage like strand of diapers comes out the bottom and you throw it in the trash can. And the beauty of it all? THERE IS NO STINK! Everyone carries the diaper genie refills which cost around $4.30 and each refill lasts for about one month.

Seal os Approval Graco Open Top 3-Speed Swing
Graco’s Open Top 3-speed Swing gets an at Home Mom’s Seal of Approval. I particularly like the open top feature, which aleviates any chance of hitting a child’s head while putting him/her in or taking him/her out. The 3-speed feature is nice when baby gets a little older and a little heavier, as the 2nd and 3rd speeds are too fast for a newborn. I used my swing all the time and I have never had to replace the batteries. I really like that! For any fussy baby, the Graco swing is the second best thing to being held by Mom (or Dad).

Seal os Approval Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair
An At Home Mom’s seal of approval goes to the Peg Perego Prima Pappa high chair. There are many features about this high chair that I am impressed with, the first being its ability to recline. For those babies who are new to the high chair experience, the recline feature makes baby feel like she/he isn’t falling forward. Also, it’s very easy to clean…which is very important. And, its wheels allow it to roll around the kitchen so it takes no effort to turn your baby facing you at a whim. I like the way it folds up quite compactly and fits easily in the truck of our car when we are going to Grandma’s house for dinner.

Seal os Approval Baby-Hold Me Safe
Baby-Hold Me Safe by Carrousel Concepts wins an At Home Mom’s Seal of Approval for it’s ingenuity and its well thought out safety features. An estimated 25,000 shopping cart related injuries are treated annually in the emergency room (in a 4/97 study). As you Moms know, it is difficult to go grocery shopping with a baby. This product makes it so easy! It is simple to affix to the shopping cart and a cushy belt wraps securely around the child. There are even two Velcro loops that can be used to secure baby’s favorite toy (hopefully he/she will be more interested in the toy, than in the foodstuff on the shelves). You can even use it to secure your child to a high chair. My baby is almost 28 weeks and she is somewhat able to sit unassisted. I was concerned that she might topple over. However, The Baby-Hold Me Safe made me feel safe strolling my little girl up and down the aisles.

Seal os Approval Mustela Baby Bath
An At Home Mom’s Seal Of Approval goes to a fabulous skin care line for babies called Mustela. Part of my daughter’s bedtime routine is a bath, which she looks forward to every night. However, I found that over time her skin was drying out. On my quest to find another brand of soap, I had trouble finding a product that doesn’t contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which some studies have found to be carcinogenic. SLS is the chemical that makes the soap foam. It is the same chemical found in household cleaning agents. Mustela smells good and leaves my baby’s skin soft and smooth. You can find Mustela at the Baby Center, right here in the At Home Moms Plaza.

Seal os Approval Evenflo’s Pack N’Play
Evenflo’s Pack N’ Play gets An At Home Mom’s Seal Of Approval for it’s travel ease and attention to detail. While many of the bassinet/playpens have been recalled due to protruding rivets that pose a strangulation risk, Evenflo’s Pack N’Play has not. It is easy to put together and dismantle. Moreover, it fits very compactly in the trunk of our vehicle, leaving plenty of space for our two suitcases, our daughter’s stroller, high chair, diaper bags, and all else. It is amazingly light and conveniently contained in a carrying case. Putting it together is literally a snap, just a few levers to press and buttons to snap and the bassinet/playpen is ready for use. It looks great too!

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